Saturday, October 30, 2010

NYC, Israel, Jordan and Back Again

I am, once again, sitting in my living room.  We have been on the trip of a lifetime so all the coupon clipping was worth every effort!  We had an unbelievable experience in Israel and I didn't want to come back.  One day I hope to make Jerusalem my hometown!  I already know where I would go to church too.

I am a little rusty on the coupon thing but know I will get to catch up tomorrow.  We put our mail and newspapers on hold while we were gone so I expect to receive about 6 papers tomorrow.  I hope there are some good coupons in them.

Until I am back into the swing of things, are there any current deals that I need to know about?  I am completely out of the loop!

Speaking of deals:  my hubby needed a prescription filled when we got back so I trotted off to CVS.  When I went in the store I did what I always do and scanned my CVS card.  One of the coupons that printed out was Get a $25 GC with a new prescription so headed to the pharmacy to pick up his Rx and got my free $25 GC!  Not bad for being back in the USA for a couple days.  :-)  Did anyone else get this deal?  Did anyone get some photos at Walgreens?  They were .10 a print this week.  We took nearly 1000 pictures while we were gone so I jumped in on that deal but only for the nearly 300 pictures we took in NYC.  I'll have to wait for the next deal to get the Mid East pictures developed.  Until then I'll be scrapbooking our Big Apple memories.

I've missed you folks and look forward to catching up with you all.  If you would be so kind as to catch me up on the best deals around town until I can get back on my "feet" that would be wonderful!
Standing on His Promises, Mrs. Bubba