The Challenge & The Goal: Updated

The challenge:  It is now 2011 and we successfully completed our budgeting/grocery bill goals for 2010!  We went one year living on $35 a week in groceries and ended up with MORE than we did when I was spending $170 every two weeks.  So, what will my challenge be this year?  Two things:  1)  to only spend $40 a week on groceries AND 2)  to lose 44 pounds by January 1, 2012 (I really hope to lose it before June 1 but I don't mind it being an annual goal).

2010 by the numbers:
Total Shelf Cost:  $5339.12
Total Spent:  $1424.02

About August 2010 I weighed in at over 200 pounds and was about to have to move up to a size 18, being only 5'5" and kinda small boned, this made me sick to my stomach.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!  I found an app for my phone called LoseIt and started tracking everything I ate each day.  That was eye opening.  Then I put in my starting weight and goal weight and it told me how many calories I should eat each day in order to lose between .5-2 pounds a week.  When we got back from Israel I migrated to, another free calorie tracker, because I can update it on my computer OR my phone.  It has a Facebook-esq interface so you can "friend" someone and encourage each other.  So, here I sit, January 3, 2011 twenty-seven and 1/2 pounds lighter with 43.5 to go to my goal weight!  I would love to have you join me in making healthier choices this year!

The goal: The trip to NYC and Israel was everything we hoped for and then some!  What could we possibly shoot for this year?  Our home.  :-)  It is a 20 year old house with the original roof, floors, etc.  This year, our goal is to update, repair, and make our house a beautiful living space that we WANT to come home to!  Once that happens then maybe we will sell it and buy the house of our (my) dreams.  :-)  I'm not talking a 4000 square foot monster but something with a pool, large kitchen, and an open floor plan.  However, I am getting ahead of myself because the goal this year is to get our little home turned into a charmer!

The purpose of this blog is to keep you informed of deals and how to get them.  To encourage you to stretch those dollars as far as they can go.  To celebrate with you as you reach your personal goals!  So let's hear from you so we can celebrate with you.

As you learn to save money you will be amazed at how much you will accumulate that you can give away.  That has been one of the best blessings of this journey.  Finding ways to be a blessing to others.

I, we, are looking forward to hearing from you.  Is there a topic you would like us to address?  A deal you found that we haven't mentioned?  Send it our way because we can't catch them all.

Have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by.