Thursday, July 1, 2010

Month End and Year To Date Totals

All I'm reporting on this time is the grocery challenge.  The Israel trip has been saved and paid for!  Praise the Lord for this amazing opportunity!!!

I can't believe it's July already.  I have been looking forward to and dreading July all year.  My amazing husband leaves for the Ukraine tomorrow and will be gone close to 10 days.  My boss will be taking care of her hubby on Monday so I don't get to work...I will, out of habit, watch the clock and wait for Bubba to come home from work but he won't.  I will, absolutely, be pathetic without him here.  I will get a tiny, little bitty, very small glimpse of what our military families go through for months and sometimes years.  As far as I know, we have decided to have absolutely no communication while he's gone.  I will not get a call, FB message, email message or text the whole time he's gone.  I will get to see pictures of what is going on while they are over there because the church website will be posting updates daily.  When I find the link I'll post it here for you guys to follow along and pray for them accordingly.

Here are the totals for June:

Total Shelf Cost:  $577.11
Coupons:  $320.19
Store Discounts:  $123.47
Rebates:  $14.99

Total Out Of Pocket:  $133.45 for a savings of 77%.

This breaks down to $33.36 a week. 

Year To Date Totals:

Total Shelf Cost:  $3706.99
Coupons:  $1581.81
Store Discounts:  $1286.95

Total Out Of Pocket:  $835.23 for a savings of 78%
I have paid a little over $800 for nearly $4000 worth of groceries!  Unbelievable.  My breath is taken away.  I thank God for the people He placed in my life to point me in the direction of saving money on groceries.  May He shower blessings in your life!

Ladies and gentlemen, if I can do this...YOU can do it!  Start small, just start collecting and clipping coupons and using them.  That is step one!  You can do it, I promise.  :-)

Standing on His Promises, Mrs. Bubba

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  1. I feel as if I’m failing at this couponing thing. When you post your totals are you including the staples as far as Milk, Bread, Meat and Veggies for a weeks worth of breakfast, lunch and supper? I have made great deals for personal care items and have on occasion found good deals on cereal, frozen food and snacks. But when I go do my grocery shopping for actual home cooked meals that I plan out my percent savings goes down and my out of pocket goes up. I have purchased a lot of hot dogs, spaghetti sauce and BBQ sauce with coupons and BOGO deals. But there is only so much cereal and BBQ chicken and Spaghetti my family can stand. I have been couponing for about 2 months now. I wonder if I’m holding on to my Coupons to long. I hold them until I see a sale or a BOGO and then I stock up. But that is only a handful of items and then I need to make a Grocery run for the staples and boom up goes the bill. When I cleaned out my binder this week I tossed a lot of Coupons I could have used but had held onto waiting for the better buy. This was disappointing. I felt like I actually wasted money. What am I doing wrong? My monthly totals are nowhere near yours. PS… love your blog. Keep it up. And Congrats on the Trip. Way to go!!!


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