Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shoe/Bag/Jewelry Deal

I guess I have turned into a bag and shoe hog or something to that affect.  I went to Ginger Michele in Macon on Monday to use my Groupon and picked up a wonderful handbag (bright green) and the cutest pair of shoes (purple, pointed, and patent)!  I've never picked out things like that before but between the sale they were having and my Groupon I couldn't resist.

The latest deal is for a really cool site called ShoeDazzle and it's through LivingSocial.  LivingSocial presents daily deals for various things.  ShoeDazzle is a website with free membership that utilizes fashionistas like Kim Kardashian and Anya Sarre to consult on what is hip and what is not.  The website builds a profile on your personal tastes and then shows you shoes, bags, and jewelry you might like.  You can buy a pair of shoes, a bag, or a set of jewelry for $39.99 (free shipping both ways if you need to return it).  The LivingSocial deal is you get to buy something from the ShoeDazzle site for $19!  Designer shoes or bags or jewelry for $19?!?  I am SO in.  Go HERE to check out the deal.

Standing on His Promises, Mrs. Bubba

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