Monday, January 25, 2010

75% Savings so far this month on Groceries

Totals so far for the month of January:

Goal:  Spend $140 or less for the month on groceries
YTD (year to date) OOP (out of pocket): $112.70
YTD Total Shelf Cost: $407.91

That is a total savings of 75% so far!!!  That is far above and beyond anything I could have imagined!!!  God is so good and I am in awe.

Now I will be completely honest with everyone about how much time I spend working on this...a lot.  However, it is because I have the time.  We do not have children and I work part time at a very flexible job.  There aren't a whole lot of demands on my time other than wife duties and whatever God calls me to be involved in as far as volunteer activities.

If you had told me a year ago that I would do 50% of my grocery shopping at Publix I would have laughed at you.  That store is the most expensive in Middle Georgia but only because we do not have a Harris Teeter.  I am crazy about Publix now.  Their BOGO deals are unbelievable when you match them up with coupons.  Their coupon policy is out of this world...FABULOUS!

Kroger is having an outstanding deal right now with their Mega Event.  Whenever Kroger does their Mega Event you save $5 off your bill for every 10 participating items you buy.  This, in essence, gives you $.50 off each item and then pair that with coupons and you can really do some damage!  I purchased Kraft block and shredded cheese for $.49 each because of the Mega Event and the coupons I had!  Kroger's coupon policy isn't nearly as wonderful as Publix's (and Publix's is only good when there are plenty of competitors in the area) but it is good.

I guess the question I am asking myself now is: what am I going to do with the money that we are saving?  I know part of it will go towards newspaper subscriptions, baseball card inserts for my binder, All You magazine subscription and other items I need in order to collect and organize my growing pile of coupons.  If you would like a subscription to All You Magazine (every month has new coupons in it) then follow the link on the right hand side of this page.

By the way, I found a deal on Dove deodorant!  I went to CVS and bought 2 for $7, had 2 $2 of 1 coupons which brought the price down to 2 for $3.  CVS has their Extra Care Bucks (ECB) which can be spent in CVS on anything and I received a $2 ECB so that makes my Dove Deodorant 2 for $1 or $.50 each!!!  Woohoo!

Did you get a great deal on something this week?

Mrs. Bubba

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