Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bertolli Pasta Sauce Deal

I ran into Publix this morning on the way to my part time job.  I went for one specific purpose...I was a woman on a mission!  Certain bottles of Bertolli Pasta Sauce are buy 1 get 1 free (B1G1) at Publix this ad cycle and there are $1.00 off 1 ($1/1) "peelies" coupons for them.  This makes the pasta sauce around $.34 each at our Publix here in Middle Georgia.  You can find the peelies on various packages of shredded Sargento cheese.  So, my big plan was to run in, grab 10 peelies, 10 bottles of pasta sauce and head to work!  That is exactly what I did.  :-)  My 10 bottles of Bertolli Pasta Sauce ended up costing me $3.45 + .40 tax = $3.85.  Not bad for some fancy pasta sauce.

I am on the hunt for cheap Dove deodorant as it is my favorite.  If anyone in this area knows of a great deal I would love to hear from you.

The samples and freebies that I have ben signing up for on nearly a daily basis are starting to hit my mailbox.  It was actually exciting to go to the mailbox this afternoon after work.  I didn't just get free samples but coupons as well!  I received several samples of Always tampads and Playtex tampons along with some sweet high dollar coupons.  One of the coupons was for a free package of the product!  Those are my favorite coupons.  I also got a large postcard with coupons on it for Sonic.  One of the coupons was for a $.99 Route 44 drink and I do enjoy a cool sip of Cherry-Lime Coke from Sonic.  I was tickled to get those coupons and have no idea why they were sent to me.  I received my February issue of All You with all the coupons and great advice that comes with each magazine.  Finally, we got our shipment from Wilson's Leather...they have their clearance marked down 60%, we got an additional 20% off that, and free shipping!  The hubby got a new winter coat and I got a sweet Nine West purse.  Now, if I could just win one of the sweepstakes I have entered in that would make it a G R E A T day.  :-)

It's Wednesday night so it's time to head over to church for supper and choir practice.  Have a blessed day.

Mrs. Bubba

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