Saturday, January 30, 2010

January Totals

This was the first month that I implemented our goal of $35 a week for groceries.  I was curious to see if I could stay within the constraints of such a tight budget and still have enough food in the house for all three meals each day.  Now, as a disclaimer, Bubba and I eat at church for Wednesday night supper and he doesn't typically eat breakfast.  We do all we can to send him to work with a lunch box so that his spending money is spent on other things besides lunch.  We have also drastically reduced our out to eat trips and only go places that we have coupons for!  Are you shocked?  :-)

So, here are our totals for January:

Shelf Cost:  $586.36
Coupons:  $224.26
Store Discounts:  $237.58
Rebates:  $11.00

Total Out Of Pocket:  $124.52 or $31.13 per week!!!!
Total Savings:  $472.84

I would say this is a successful month and I am challenged to continue this trend for the rest of the year.  I know some weeks will be better than others as well as some months better than others but I am up for the challenge and know it can be done!  To God be the glory for such a wonderful thing He has brought into my life as I seek to honor Him in every area...including our finances.

If you are wondering how I got to this point please check out the blogs that I have on the right side of this entry.  If you would like someone to walk you through this step by step, I am more than happy to do so but it will require a time commitment as this is not something I can explain in 15 minutes or even an hour.  Just shoot me an email or comment.

To His glory,
Mrs. Bubba

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