Saturday, January 15, 2011

Coupon Booklet-Publix

For the first time ever I was there when they put out a brand new coupon booklet!  It was so exciting to be the first person to take a couple out of the stand.  :-)  I watched the lady put the cardboard stand together while I was getting a rain check for Cheerios.  As I watched her it dawned on me that she was going to fill that stand with coupon booklets!  I politely asked her if it was okay if I took one even though she wasn't finished putting it together.  When I told her that normally by the time I get to displays like this all the booklets are gone she smiled, pulled another one out and handed it to me!  So sweet.

The booklet is called "Start Your Year Out With Big Savings" and is all Publix coupons which means that there will be some serious stacking going on.  They all expire on 2/13.  Here is what is in the booklet:

$3/1 any box Huggies diapers
$2.50/1 any Pull-Ups or Goodnites
$1/1 any Cottonelle toilet paper 12 pack or larger
$1/1 any Viva towels bundle pack 4-pack or larger
$3/1 package of Scott Bath tissue (6 pack or larger) AND Scott Naturals flushable moist wipes 51 ct. tub
$1.50/1 Scott towels, long lasting roll
$2/1 any package of Huggies Baby Wipes, refill 184 ct. or larger
$2/2 Kleenex facial tissue (72-260 ct.)
$2/1 Kotex or U by Kotex
$3/1 Depends or Poise
$7/2 Enfamil large powders (22.2 oz or larger)
$8/1 New Enfamil Premium refill box (35 oz) WYB Enfamil larger powder

The booklet also has a rebate in it that says if you buy $35 worth of Kimberly-Clark or Mead Johnson brands (the products listed are the ones that have coupons in this booklet) between Jan 10 and Feb 13 on ONE receipt, mail it in with the form in the booklet to receive a $10 Publix Gift Card.  This is great if you need diapers and/or Enfamil because those items can add up to $35 quickly but if you are like me you might have a tough time buying enough toilet paper and paper towels to add up to $35.  :-)  So, all you moms and dads out there don't forget about the $10 Publix Gift Card.

This is why I highly recommend you hold onto your receipts!  I have an accordion file that I put all mine in by month.  It paid off a few days ago because I was able to submit for a $20 Olay mail in rebate AND a $100 coupon booklet from P&G...all because I had my receipts from the last couple of months!
Standing on His Promises, Mrs. Bubba

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