Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Publix Trip

Yep, that's a picture of what I bought at Publix this morning.  I know, you can't see everything so I will still list it but it was so easy to pull everything out of my bags and set it on our oven to snap a shot of it, I just couldn't resist.  Don't get used to this!  I just wanted to pull out the camera for a minute.  I'm over it.  :-)
What I bought:
$1.60 each*6 Kraft Dressing
$3.19*Publix sugar 5 lb
$2.00 each*2 GM MultiGrain Cheerios (with a rain check)
$1.99*sliced portabella mushrooms
$2.00 each*Fresh Express Salad
$6.85*1 ribeye steak for the most wonderful husband in the world!
$2.00 each*2 Crisco spray
$1.30 each*4 Kraft Homestyle mac-n-cheese for the hubby
$1.29 each*3 travel packs Nyquil
$1.29 each*2 travel packs Dayquil
$1.29*2 cucumbers
$2.15*2 "ugly" tomato
$.75 each*2 Halls cough drops
$.85*Halls cough drops
$1.49 each*3 Quaker oatmeal
$1.45 each*4 Whole Fruit Sorbet
$.70 each*3 cans Hunts diced tomato
$1.79 each*3 cans Hormel chili
$1.10 each*6 bottles Ragu spaghetti sauce (chunky veggies)

Total before BOGO and coupons:  $123.31

Total after BOGO and coupons:  $43.76

I made a little money on the Nyquil/Dayquil and Halls which applied to the total bill to bring it down.  I got the Kraft Homestyle mac-n-cheese for $.30 each, the Kraft dressing for $1.06 a bottle (not the best price I've gotten but I NEED dressing for the 4 million salads I eat a month), the Quaker oatmeal was $.49 a box, Hunt's diced tomatoes $.20 per can, and $.49 each for the Whole Fruit Sorbet.  There were other deals but I don't remember the coupons I had and what they match up to.

How did you do this week so far?
Standing on His Promises,
Mrs. Bubba

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