Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good Deals Get Better

When I shop online I look for coupon codes to either discount what I'm looking for or to get free shipping (I really, really dislike paying shipping).  I also go through this one particular website to get to most of the sites I shop on in order to get cash back from my purchases, even for purchases I make on Ebay.  It's called Ebates and I just got a pretty good deal on genuine HP ink for our printer.  I headed over to Ebates and searched for stores that sell ink then chose a few, including, to compare prices.  When looking over the Ebates site I noticed that there was an online code to get 40% off a second cartridge of ink.  I clicked on the link on the Ebates site and they automatically tracked what I bought.  I added what I need to my cart, plugged in the coupon code I found, got 40% the second and forth cartridge I purchased, free next day delivery, AND received a 20% cash back rebate through Ebates!  Between the 40% off, the free shipping, and the 20% rebate I spent under $20 each on brand new, non re-manufactured, genuine HP ink cartridge...2 of which are the XL or high output and 2 are tri-color.  That is the price I saw knock off or re-manufactured ink cartridges for!

Another example of why this site is so great is last year Old Navy had their carpenter jeans, Bubba's favorite jeans, on sale somewhere around $12-15 each.  I went through the Ebates site to Old Navy's site, bought him 4 pairs of jeans and ended up paying, thanks the the cash rebate, just under $10 a pair!

They have 1000s of sites that offer cash back rebates when you shop through them and several sites will post their discounts or online coupons for you to browse prior to shopping so you get both discounts!  If you enjoy saving money and you are going to shop online anyway then check out Ebates and get a few more dollars put back in your pocket!

Go HERE to see if it's something you are interested in.

Standing on His Promises, Mrs. Bubba

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