Thursday, January 13, 2011

Updated: Looking Back at 2010!!!


I finally entered all the receipts I could find into the spreadsheet and have my totals for 2010!  Boy am I excited to see how the year turned out!!!

Our budget for groceries for 2010 was $1680 or $35 a week.  To put this all in perspective our 2009 budget for groceries was $4420 or $85 a week.

I bought a total of $5339.12 worth of groceries (before store discounts and coupons).

I used $1994.27 in coupons.  Took advantage of $1920.83 in store discounts.  Mailed in $320.27 worth of rebates for a total savings of $4235.37!

I spent a grand total of $1424.02 for a total annual savings of 79.33%!!!  Woohoo!  For my first full year of using coupons I would say that was pretty successful!

Updated:  I found receipts for November while I was cleaning out 2010 to make room for 2011 so this is the most accurate picture of our savings for the past year.   I am looking forward to more savings in 2011!!!

How did you do?

Standing on His Promises, Mrs. Bubba

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