Friday, January 7, 2011

Free 8x8 Photobook from Shutterfly

I went in and did a quick 20 picture album from our Israel trip.  No one but us wants to look through 700+ pictures!  This album will be easy to share and features several of the highlights from our trip.  I paid a little over $8 in shipping fees but the book was free if you use the code.  If the code won't work for you then sign up to receive emails from them and one day you will get a code for free items!
Organize It - Preserve memories In A Free 8x8 Photo Book* - Get free bookStanding on His Promises, Mrs. Bubba

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  1. An important feature to look for is whether or not the photo book publisher offers themes, templates and helpful tips and book ideas. Though most pictures stand on their own, adding a colorful background or having special templates to showcase that day at the beach or that special birthday party, brings the picture to life in a whole new way, while setting a mood or tone for the photo book as a whole.


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