Saturday, June 5, 2010

6/6 Rite Aid Deals

This is what I hope to do at Rite Aid this week:

1 Blink Tears $7.99 each
1 Listerine 500 ml $3.99 each
2 Fresh Collection Old Spice Deodorant $4 each
2 Old Spice Body Wash $3.50 each

$5/$25 Rite Aid from video values
$2 off Complete Blink Tears
$1 off Listerine
BOGO Fresh Collection Old Spice Deodorant
2 Buy Old Spice Deodorant Get Body Wash Free

Total before coupons:  $26.98
Total after coupons:  $7.98
Single Check Rebates:  $12.99

I will MAKE $5.01 (none of this includes tax)!  I love it when I get PAID to shop.  :-)

Standing on His Promises, Mrs. Bubba

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