Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Win

How many of you can say that you have $70 worth of Amazon Gift Cards that you did very, very, very little to earn (not counting holidays)?!?  Well, I have $70 worth of Amazon Gift Cards and I did precious little to "earn" them.  In fact, I am on my way to yet another $5 Amazon e-Gift Card as I type this!  How?

I've told you about Swagbucks.  Go HERE to find out more.  I signed up at the beginning of the year, downloaded the toolbar for Firefox and Safari (although I use Firefox more because I like some of the features), then I surfed the web as usual.  Instead of using the Google search box, I use the Swagbucks search box that is powered by Google.  So, even though you are using the Swagbucks search box you are still getting Google responses.  For each topic that I do a search on I can be awarded points called...SwagBucks.  You can use those bucks to shop in the SwagStore.  I haven't done any looking around in the store because I am saving up for a new digital camera to take to Israel with us.  That camera is available on so when I get 450 SwagBucks I head to the SwagStore and get a $5 Amazon e-Gift Card.  Then I wait for them to send me an email letting me know that my e-Gift Card is available in my SwagBucks account.  I have earned enough SwagBucks to have $70 worth of Amazon e-Gift Cards!  It's SO easy.

Who doesn't like FREE stuff?!?  If you are surfing the web anyway, why not earn "points" that you can spend on cool stuff and get it all FREE.

I've explained a little more HERE and HERE.

So what's in it for me?  Two things:

1)  This blog is all about saving money, finding freebies, and helping you keep more cash so you can be a bigger giver...SwagBucks are FREE so I am telling you about it.

2)  When you sign up through the links I have put in this post and then when you start earning SwagBucks, I earn the exact same amount you do up to 1000 "points".  Once you reach 1000 "points" I stop earning with you.  If you sign up and never earn a single SwagBuck then I don't either.  Once you are signed up, you can get folks to sign up through you and you can earn extra "points" to spend in the SwagStore!

Even if I did not benefit from you signing up I would still tell you about this great opportunity to get free stuff!  :-D  However, since it's a win-win-win situation, head over HERE, sign up, and start searching.

Standing on His Promises, Mrs. Bubba

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