Saturday, March 20, 2010

SwagBucks-Is it legitimate?

I was asked by a friend if I was really the one posting about SwagBucks or if it was like on FaceBook when you when a game and they automatically post your score or something like that.  Well, I AM the one posting about this website and what it is about.  There is not much on the internet that I am absolutely sold on but SwagBucks is one of those few things!  I am beside myself because I already have 3-$5 Amazon electronic gift cards and am quickly approaching enough points for my 4th one.  Honestly, I am asking:  why haven't you signed up for this yet?!?  Here's the link.
This is what I did, I signed up and created my account.  Then I downloaded the "toolbar" for my internet browser (I use FireFox 75% of the time and Safari the other 25%).  I downloaded toolbars for both versions.  This is how I "earn" points:
1)  Searches-I use the search box and do ALL of my searches through it because it will randomly award me with points throughout the day.  However, I will search for things I already have links for such as Facebook, gmail, SouthernSavers, IheartPublix, etc.  I don't do a whole lot of internet searching so in order to give myself more chances to earn points I search for things I already know by heart.
2) Ways To Earn tab-If you go to the SwagBucks homepage and look up near the top there is a "Ways to Earn" tab.  Supposedly, on a daily basis you can earn about 3 points.  This is how you do it.  Click on "Special Offers" then click on "View our no obligation offers".  I always click "skip" at the end of every offer and then when the last one is gone I am awarded my points.  You can do this daily but I don't always remember.
3) Follow them-SwagBucks is on Twitter, FaceBook, and they have a blog.  I, personally, do not do this because I don't have the time but you may.  Weekly, they will do a "contest" or a type of scavenger hunt for something called a SwagCode.  A SwagCode is typically a phrase that is mixed capital and lower case letters.  If you guess the SwagCode or find the SwagCode then you must enter it on the homepage exactly how you found it (they are case sensitive) and then you will be awarded the appropriate number of points.  Sometimes these are worth a lot of points but like I said earlier, I don't have the time.
4) Messages-After you download the toolbar you will see a little red box with a letter inside it and beside it will read "From TSG [0]".  On occasion you will receive a message from TSG (The Swag Guy/Gal) and the message will give you a hint on where you can find a SwagCode or will straight out give you a SwagCode.  Take the SwagCode to the homepage and enter it to be credited your points!  The messages typically have deadlines so keep your eyes peeled for that one.
That is all the information I have at the moment but I can tell you, this is legitimate.  I am half way towards my FOURTH Amazon gift card.  Now, I know that is all I talk about is the Amazon GC but when you check it out go look at all the stuff you can get with your SwagBucks, there is more than Amazon GCs!  That is just what I want because I want that great Nikon camera I have my eye on at Amazon.  :-)  So, stop procrastinating and head over HERE to sign up and start searching and earning!

Standing on His promises,
Mrs. Bubba

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