Saturday, March 20, 2010

FREE Trip to Target

I had a good trip to Target yesterday, thanks to Baby Sam's Mama.  I have been looking for the half-size Gillette Men's Body Wash and was unable to find it so she told me where it was!  While there I found some small Gillette Men's Deodorant and walked out with a ton of free stuff for my favorite ministries (and a couple for the hubby).  Here's what I got for free and how:

Quatity    Product                                    Shelf Price                 Coupon(s)
2    AirWick iMotion Ultra Freshmatic    $6 each    $5 Manufacturer &  $1 off Target Q
6    Gillette Sport Deodorant                    $1.79 each    $2 off (adjusted down to $1.79)
4    Gillete Men's body wash 12 oz          $3.34 each    Buy Deodorant Get Body Wash Free
4    Gillette Men's body wash 8.4 oz        $1.79 each    $4 off 2 (adjusted down to $3.58)

Total before coupons=$46.66
Total after coupons=$0 + tax

The AirWick will stay in our home (we have a litter box and one cat that smells like 10).  The deodorants and body washes will be distributed among 2 ministries.  Some will go to Breaking Free and others will go to the Christian Social Ministries/Migrant Workers Ministries through Second Baptist Warner Robins.

The reason the coupons were adjusted down to the actual price is becuase unlike Kroger & Publix, Target does not allow overage that can be credited toward your other purchases.  Always let the cashier know BEFORE you start your transaction that the coupons will need to be adjusted...even if it is just $.01!  Remember, couponers should be calm and kind to the cashiers who handle their transactions!!!

If you are in the Middle Georgia area and know of a food bank or half-way house or some other ministries that you have a heart for, I would love to hear about it.  Not everyone wants to give to Breaking Free or Migrant Ministry but that is what I know about so it's all I can recommend!  If you let me know about your favorite ministry that takes non-perishable donations and I use it in a post I will mail you a stack of 10 random coupons to help boost your coupons stash!  This will be for the first 3 people who comment on the BLOG, not FaceBook.  :-)  Do not leave your address, I will contact you through email.  Leaving the comment on the BLOG will help me know who was first!

Standing on His promises,
Mrs. Bubba

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