Monday, March 22, 2010

Mail Call

I can't even remember all the free stuff I got in the mail in the past couple of weeks!  It's almost like Christmas every day in my mail box.  :-)
I got a travel size:  Axe Body Wash, Olay Body Wash (anti-aging)
Tampax Tampon samples...I can't even remember the rest.

Today I received MyKroger Magazine with coupons in it, Unilever/Publix sent me 2 sheets of coupons, Eat Better America sent me a booklet with $10 worth of coupons, and BoxTops for Education sent me a booklet with about $10 worth of coupons in it.  Now, all of those are on top of the $1000s worth of coupons I already have!

Did anyone else get any free stuff from Publix, Kroger, or Target last week?  This week is looking good at Kroger again as they are running the same deals as last week.  I might go see if Target restocked the Gillette Men's Body Wash (small size) so I can stock up on a few more for free.  I'll probably hold onto them so that Bubba will have soap for the next year.  :-)

If anyone sees a great deal out there I would love to hear about it.  Have a great day!

Standing on His promises,
Mrs. Bubba

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