Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Trip to Publix

In the Spring and Summer Bubba will eat sandwiches for lunch and dinner.  The Buddig lunch meat was on sale for 2 for $4.  There was a Publix coupon for $1/1 and a manufacturer coupon for $1/1.  I grabbed 7 packages and paid only tax on them!  They are in my freezer until I break out and buy Bubba some bread (he likes Captian Durst and I've never seen a coupon for that so I will have to "suck it up" and buy him some).  :-)

I also bought 2 bottles of saline solution for my contacts.  Thank goodness I got a rain check because the sticker price is $8.99 but last week they were BOGO.  There were $2/1 coupons right on the box so I paid $2.50 each.  You really can't beat that for good saline solution!

Now, I'm going outside to sit in the sunshine for a little longer.  Have a beautiful Spring day!!!

Standing on His promises,
Mrs. Bubba


  1. My husband has to have the same bread. If you go to Flowers bread store on the corner of 41 and Gunn rd the bread there is only like 1.29 or 1.49 it is VERY inexpensive compared to the grocery store :) btw I live in Warner Robins too and love coupon shopping I found your blog through Southern Savers :)

  2. Karrie ~ Thanks so much for the information on where to get Captain Durst for less money! I would have never guessed that Flowers carried it. I will be heading that way next week. Isn't Jenny/Southern Savers just wonderful?!? That is the first website that my coupon friends told me about and got me started on. If you have a great trip to the grocery store I would love to hear about it and maybe post it on here for "all" Middle GA to hear about. :-)


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