Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today's Shopping Trip(s)

Today I ran into Target, Walgreens, CVS, Publix, and CVS (yes, 2 different CVSs).  I got:
5 Dawn Hand Renewal Dish soap
1 Cadbury Egg
1 Reeses Peanutbutter Egg
1 Olay Quench (it was BIG) Lotion
1 Olay in shower Lotion
8 Gillette Men's body wash
2 Satin Care Shave Lotion travel size

I spent:  -$.27  (I made $.27!!!)

Here's a short break down of how:

* Dawn Hand Renewal (CVS for $.96 each) coupon $1 off
* Buy Olay Quench Lotion get Olay in shower lotion free (Walgreens) $1 off each PLUS mail in rebate for the original cost of the Olay Quench Lotion
* Gillette Men's Body Wash (Target for $1.79 each) $4/2 coupon
* Satin Care (Target for $.99 each) $.55 off coupon

I let the cashier know that the Gillette coupons would need to be adjusted to $3.58 each since the body wash didn't cost $2 each which was how much the coupon was for.  It took 3 people to do that and they still messed it up.  I should have owed Target $.88 plus tax (for the shave gel) but I ended up paying the tax only.  The point is:  I tried to do the right thing.  The floor manager is the 3rd one who helped and he basically shooed me out of the store while I attempted to tell him I owed them money.  So, today at Target was a fluke really.  Instead of paying them $1.14, I really owed them $2.02.

While at Target, I had a .... God moment.  One of those divinely orchestrated encounters.  I was in the travel size section looking for the shave gel and there was a lady there picking up a few things for her son who is going on a mission trip.  She was picking up shampoo and body wash.  I watched her putting them into her buggy, adding up that she was spending $4 on shampoo and body wash that he would only use while on this trip.  As I thought that, I looked into my basket and felt God nudge me!  Now, I'm pretty thick in the head so it took me a moment but I realized what He was trying to get through to me.  I had in my hand a coupon for $4/2 Gillette body wash but when I was picking them up I noticed that there were 2 kinds!  One was body wash only, which is what I picked up for Bubba.  The other was a body wash/shampoo all-in-one!  So, I told the lady about the Gillette all in one and told her where it was located.  I watched as she put the shampoos and body washes back in the travel section then she drove her buggy off thanking me for the information.  I picked up the shave gel and realized what a fool I was!  I hurried BACK to the body wash, hoping she was still there, and saw her standing there looking a little confused.  I handed her a coupon for $4/2, pulled 2 out of my basket and put them back and handed her 2 of the shampoo/body wash combo.  She now had in her hand 2 nearly full size bottles of soapy stuff for her son for FREE instead of 4 wimpy bottles that she paid $4 for.  I left her alone after that.  I'm so thankful that I got to be at Target right at that moment so that I could run into that lady so God could encourage her by showing her how to get free body wash for her son who is going on a mission trip!  That was SO MUCH FUN.  I am now praying for more opportunities like that (the hard part will be for me to recoginze them).  Woohoo, go God!!!

Standing on His promises,
Mrs. Bubba

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