Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rite Aid Explained

Out of all the drug stores and loyalty programs out there Rite Aid is one of my favorites.  When Rite Aid states in the ad that: "If you buy X at $3.99 and there is a Single Check Rebate of $3.99" that means that the product is really free and you will get your money back!  It's not like CVS or Walgreens that gives you what I call monopoly money that you can only spend in their store.

This week Blink Tears (a lubricating eye drop) is $7.99 each and Rite Aid has a Single Check Rebate for $7.99.  This means that if you have signed up for the Rite Aid Single Check Rebate program available on their website then you go to the store, pick up Blink Tears, pay $7.99 + tax, get online, enter the receipt information and at the end of the month they will send you a check for $7.99!  The rebate made the Blink Tears free.  If you have a coupon for the product, you can still use it and you will still get a check for the full amount of the rebate. 


Blink Tears $7.99 each (not including tax)

Use $2 off coupon

Submit receipt online

At the end of the month you will receive a check for $7.99 and you just MADE $2 by shopping at Rite Aid!

Not only that but Rite Aid has more $5/$25 or $5/$20 coupons than any other store that I am familiar with.  So, if there is a good deal at Rite Aid and you spend $20 or $25, you get the good deal, the Single Check Rebates, AND $5 off your order!!!

The only drawback to Single Check Rebates that I have come across is that you can only submit for ONE.  So, just like CVS, the deals are limited.

Finally, Rite Aid is one of those stores where you can "stack" coupons.  You can use a Rite Aid coupon AND a manufacturer coupon on one product.  I find the Rite Aid coupons when I watch Video Values which is another Rite Aid program.  The other day I scored some sunscreen with bronzer in it for a great wasn't free but it was a good price to me because I had the Rite Aid store coupon AND a manufacturer coupon.

So, if you haven't signed up for Rite Aid's Wellness+ program, the Single Check Rebate program, and their Video Values program: you are missing out on some good deals. 

Standing on His Promises, Mrs. Bubba

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