Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Walgreens Nivea Deal

I ran into Walgreens last night hoping to use the BOGO Nivea Women's Body Wash coupon that I have only to find out that the Women's Body Wash is not part of the BOGO deal going on right now.  The men's body wash is BOGO and if your Walgreens will accept 2 manufacturer coupons (there are $3 off Qs for Nivea Men's) then you can get 2 bottles of Men's Nivea for free or close to free.

Also, there is a $3 OFF! coupon on the CVS website that will make the OFF! Clip-on refills free.  I used the OFF! Clip-on for the 1st time this weekend and it appeared to work just fine.  I get bit within 5 seconds of stepping outside and then continue to get eaten alive until I surrender and run back into the house.  I severely dislike bug repellent sprays because they stink and I feel sticky afterwards and need to take a shower.  The OFF! Clip-on allowed me to help my hubby in the garage this weekend and to spend time by the pool while we fellowshipped with one of Bubba's high school pals and his family.  When we were outside I would flip the switch on and do whatever then when we headed in doors I would turn it off.  Like I said, it appeared to work because I am not covered in bug bites!

Standing on His Promises, Mrs. Bubba

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