Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One Dozen Red Roses

I came home from work yesterday, parked my car, got the mail from the mailbox and headed in the house.  I took 2 steps in the door and saw a beautiful sight!  My sweet, awesome, amazing, loving, and generous husband had bought me 1 dozen red roses and put them in a vase!  Now, my roses don't look quite like those in the picture (imagine them without all the greenery) and he didn't put water in the vase but they are still beautiful, long stemmed, red roses.  I felt bad because he came in the house behind me and didn't get to see my reaction to the surprise he left on the counter for me.  I'm not a screamer or the kind of person to jump up and down but I did get a big, big smile on my face and almost one tear in my eye.  

In the course of our 8 years together I have received flowers maybe 5 or 6 times.  They aren't his fact, I just don't know what his "thing" is.  He dislikes buying flowers and mumbles something about me expecting them all the me, I don't expect them, EVER!  :-)  He can't stand buying least not the jewelry I like because he says it's an "attention scam".  :-)  So, I like big, sparkly, shiny things that will be visible when folks look at me, oh well.  In spite of his aversion to a few of my favorite things he has done remarkably well when giving me gifts.  One year for our anniversary he swept me away for a weekend getaway to the bed & breakfast where we spent the first night of our honeymoon!  I just melted when he did that it was SO thoughtful and creative.  Then a few years ago for my birthday he again swept me away for the weekend but this time to Atlanta.  We stayed in one of my favorite hotels in downtown, ate at wonderful Atlanta restaurants, and then he took me to the Wonderful Fox Theatre to see Stomp!!!  I was thrilled with my birthday get away and amazed at all the work he put into it (I'm the planner, not him).

I am absolutely, positively, and wonderfully spoiled!  Love my Bubba.
Standing on His Promises, Mrs. Bubba

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