Monday, June 28, 2010

Thursday & Friday

This week is a week of great joy and some sadness.  My wonderful husband is celebrating his birthday on Thursday!  He still looks as though he is in his twenties and I'm still blown away by the fact that I have known him for a little over 8 years.  So, Thursday he will get a dinner of his choice because he already got his birthday present.  I got him a big gift that counted as anniversary and birthday present all rolled into one.  He got a MAN gift!  :-)  He got a new grill.  We got the Duo-Grill by Char-Griller.  It has a gas grill and a charcoal grill all on the same stand.  I must say, it is sweet.  So, he's not getting a gift but a nice dinner somewhere.

Friday he leaves for the Ukraine and will be gone for 10 days.  He is headed over there to be a part of an Upward Soccer camp for the kids in the area and to encourage the Missionary and the Pastor of the tiny church that is there.  Those folks walk around in a lifetime of hopelessness.  Alcoholism is rampant, their lives and clothes are colorless.  The orphanages are full, suicide is "normal".  However, kids are kids whether they are Americans, Russian, Chinese, Peruvian, or Ukrainian!  They love to play and "football" (soccer) is a well known and loved sport over there.  This is Bubba's very first mission trip.  It's only the second time he's left the US (the first was on our honeymoon).  We are expecting God to do mighty things throughout this trip.  I am very, very sad that my husband will be away for 10 days but I am excited to see what God shows him while he is gone.  I can't wait to see how God grows him, spreads his wings, and opens his eyes!  I would love for God to call us into full time missions somewhere else in the world.

I'm rambling.  So, we celebrate his birthday Thursday and then send him halfway around the world on Friday.  Its going to be an interesting week.  :-)

Standing on His Promises, Mrs. Bubba

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