Friday, June 18, 2010

Target Trip

While I was out and about racking up on hand soap I stopped off at Target to check out the new clearance items.  There are a ton in the food section but there wasn't anything that I needed or wanted.  However, you and your binder or folder or envelope or box of coupons should head up there and see if anything catches your fancy!  I did grab a few of the Kool Aid packets that were clearance priced at .13 each (this is for the packet that makes 2 quarts and you have to add sugar).

I also picked up 2 sticks of my favorite guessed it: Dove!!!  :-)  Target has a deal going right now that WYB Dove deodorant you get a Dove Body Mist free.  The Dove deo is priced at $3.34 each and if you use the $1 Target store Q AND the $2 manufacturer printable Q that makes a stick .34.  So you walk out with a stick of deodorant and a body mist for .34!  I only had enough coupons to do the deal twice but as you know...I have quite the stash of Dove Deodorant.  :-)  I was a little disappointed in the selection of Body Mists to choose from: there wasn't a choice!  There was only 1 fragrance on the shelf but it was free so I took my 2.

If you got to Target and cash in on the clearance deals I would love to hear about it.  What was your best deal this week?!?

Standing on His Promises, Mrs. Bubba

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  1. I found lots of clearance items! Would love for you to link up your shopping trip to my blog!


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