Friday, April 9, 2010

CVS-Wonderful Customer Service

I ran into CVS to get in on the Listerine deal:

3-Listerine @ $3.99 each

1-Buy 3 get $3 off
3-$1 off Q
1-$1 ECB (Extra Care Buck)
1-$2 ECB

Pay $2.97 plus tax and get back $3 ECB.  I am not a big ECB kind of shopper so I always look at the total out of pocket.  $3 isn't bad at all for 3 full size Listerines and 2 of them had free flossers on them!  Talk about getting a great deal!!!

Anyway, that is not why I'm writing this post.  When I went to check out my receipt printed and there was only $1 ECB on it.  The cashier is the one who noticed it.  She then asked if I should have received $3 ECB and I answered "Yes ma'am."  She pulled the ad from under the counter, glanced at the Listerine deal in it, then printed me out $2 ECB right on the spot!  I was nearly speechless!!!  I just thanked her over and over again.  She didn't have to do that, she could have said, "The computer didn't print it so there is nothing I can do about it."  Instead, SHE noticed the error and then did something to fix it without me having to say a word.  That was a great experience.  She works at the CVS in Warner Robins on the corner of Houston Lake and Hwy 96.  I might call the store and thank her manager.

Standing on His promises,
Mrs. Bubba

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