Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stockpile Pictures

I have talked about stockpiling so I thought I would show you a few of my stashes.  :-)

This is body washes for men, contact solutions, shampoos, and conditioners.  I ran out of room under the sinks in the bathroom so I had to clear out a shelf in my linen closet.

This is the same shelf with toothpastes, tampons (that is NOT my full stash of those...this is overflow), and body lotions.

Hand soap, lotions, Excedrin (you can't see it but it's there), Benedryl, and in the back corner are a bunch of free samples or the free travel size items that you can occasionally pick up at Target or Publix.

Those Easter egg colored things are my deodorants (Dove Ultimate and Secret), you see Bubba's deodorant, body washes, razors, and toothbrushes.

Got a great price on Lysol toilet cleaner a couple months ago and then the free Scrubbing Bubbles from the past couple of weeks.

A view of a few of the Powerades I purchased while on sale at Kroger and then Publix.  We have close to or around 100 of them.  I sure hope that lasts him the summer!

This is our ministry box.  Whatever we won't use or have an OVER abundance of goes into this box to be distributed as needs arise.  I am no artist but I didn't want to have this huge cardboard box sitting at my "breakfast bar" and folks not know what it was for.  This idea came from one of the other blogging ladies so it is not original.  When my sister, Sunshine, visits again I may get her to give the box an artistic makeover.

This is what is in the box at the moment.  Those are small men's deodorants, D1000 vitamins, men's body washes, shampoo, conditioner, 4 rolls toilet paper, razors, Zantac, and toothpaste.  All of these items were free or under .50.  This is the joy of couponing to me!  To have this stock of stuff that when a need arises or a ministry says "Come and help", we are ready to give.  All to the glory of God!  He has brought this world of couponing into my life for 2 reasons: 1-so I can care for my family while being a good steward (manager) of the money He has given us AND 2-so we can give to those who are hurting or in need.  Before coupons we were not able to do as much as we do today.  We would hear about a need and go out and buy one or two things to give.  The reason we only bought 1 or 2 is because we still had to provide for our family.  Now, because of coupons, deals, and stockpiling we can give and give.

For my couponing friends out there in cyberspace, there is a fantastic opportunity to give coming in the future.  Once I have all the details I will pass them on to you.  In the mean time, if it's free-grab it and hold on to it, even if you think you will never ever use it.  If it's free, grab it!  There are others who will need it that you can bless.  Even if you aren't a church attender or a Christian you can still be a part of this ministry that I will talk about in the near future.  So, Middle Georgia couponers:  go get that free stuff and hold onto it!  I'll share more once I have all the details.

Standing on His promises,
Mrs. Bubba

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  1. I will definitely decorate your cheerful giving box on my next visit, especially if its sitting out in the open in your kitchen!!!


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