Friday, April 9, 2010

Perry Dogwood Festival - This Weekend!

It is Dogwood Festival time again!  April 10-11 at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, GA.  I must admit that one of the things I loved about the Dogwood Festival is that it was on Main Street in Downtown Perry.  I loved walking up and down that little bit of road looking at all the arts & crafts the vendors had, meandering into my favorite shops, and stopping to eat at one of the sweet restaurants there (my favorite was the Front Porch Tea Room that is no longer there).  I am disappointed that they moved it to the Fairgrounds.  If I was a Downtown store owner I would be disappointed too.

Anyway, enough whining for one night.  Head over the the Fairgrounds, admission is free, and I'm sure the folks who planned it did a good job so enjoy the arts, crafts, the bake contest, and Jr. Perry Idol.  Don't forget to look for all the Dogwood Princesses and Princes.  If you can, enter the 5K and race to your hearts content.  Hope to see you there!

Standing on His promises,
Mrs. Bubba

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