Monday, April 26, 2010

ZipLine & Canopy Tour


We did it!  We headed over to West Georgia to check out the Historic Banning Mills Zipline & Canopy Tour.  We did the Full Extreme Tour for $139 per person.  They have 2 other tours for less money...and less zip lines.  The reason it is called a Zipline & Canopy Tour is because between ziplines are bridges.  They keep you in the trees for most of the tour either on the ziplines or cable bridges.

Okay, now for the brutally honest part:  I AM afraid of heights.  I road the farris wheel with my niece about a month ago and my stomach did flips every time we went around.  She would have stood up and leaned out to holler at everyone if I wasn't constantly saying, "Sit down honey, I don't want you to fall out."  Why did I agree to the zipline tour?  Because I didn't know exactly what I was getting myself into and that was a good thing.  The first zipline you do is a medium sized one, they don't let you start out on a little one.  As hard as it was to take the first step off each tower that didn't compare to the crossing those cable bridges.  Those I could not stand.  If the tour had been ziplines only then I would have had a good time (not stomach still doesn't like heights) but the cable bridges, those got to my nerves pretty bad.  Especially the really long, really thin, really wobbly one that spanned across the Snake River.  Ugh, I get queasy just thinking about it!

Do I recommend taking the Tour?  Absolutely!  Go, go, go.  I am very glad I went.  I don't want to cross another cable bridge...ever but I am still glad I went.  By the way, there is a ton more to do at Historic Banning Mills than just the ziplines.  I've seen the reviews of their breakfasts and can't wait to go back and give that a try!

They offer all kinds of lodging from primitive camp sites all the way up to full service suites or cabins.  The rolling hills of West Georgia are beautiful any time of year and this April was no exception.  Head over HERE and check it out for yourself.

Standing on His promises,
Mrs. Bubba

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time! We just may have to check it out!


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