Saturday, May 1, 2010

Belks Charity Days

I did it.  I went to Belks this morning to stand in line to receive a Belks Gift Card.  We got there at 5 am and were probably the 20th folks in line.  I was very surprised at how few people were there.  By the time they opened the doors at 6 am and handed out the gift cards there were about 50-60 people there.  Next time I will just show up at 6 am!  My poor hubby got very little sleep and now has to spend the day in the heat at the ballfield.  I did reward him with a trip to Waffle House after we got our gift cards.

The gift cards ranged in value between $5 and $1000.  Bubba and I received $5 gift cards so it wasn't a deal for us.  Some lady behind us received a $25 gift card.  I did, however, get some good deals on a few things I wanted and a few I needed.  I wanted another pair of Yellow Box flip flops to add to my collection.  I needed a couple pair of capris for this summer and fall.

Here's how Belks Charity Day works:  you buy a ticket for $5 and that money goes to various charities that Belks has decided to donate to.  I don't have a full list of charities but I saw Habitat for Humanity and a battered women's shelter among them.  Once you have your ticket, you can shop the day before and put your merchandise on hold for the next day or wait until the Saturday of the event to shop.  I shop the day before.  The ticket gets you an additional 25% off what you buy except clearance items.  The ticket also gets you $5 off your final bill so you basically get your $5 back AND you helped a local charity!  The Sale is between 6am and 10am so you must get there somewhat early.  If you are crazy like I was this time then you can get there early and stand in line for one of the 100 gift cards they give away.  Hopefully, your luck will be better and you will get more than $5.

Standing on His promises,
Mrs. Bubba

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