Wednesday, May 5, 2010

CVS Mistake Turned Around

 CVS/pharmacy for all the ways you care
This morning I headed into CVS to see if there was any Nivea body wash (yeah, right).  Since there wasn't I just wandered around the store for a few minutes.  That is where I made the mistake.  I noticed that the Nivea chapstick/lipgloss was $2.99 and if you buy $15 in Nivea products you get $5 ECB.  I had 2-$1 off coupons and a $2 ECB burning a whole in my coupon holder.  I also thought...I only need about $5 of product to reach the $15 goal...what I forgot is that the goal I was ACTUALLY thinking of was the Neutragena deal.   So I hussled out to the car, grabbed the coupons and ECB, headed back inside and bought 2 Nivea chapstick/lipglosses.  I eagerly awaited the receipt to print and my ECB's to be there....and as you can guess, they didn't print.  I sat in the car trying to decipher what I had done wrong then I saw it.  Neutragena NOT Nivea.  :-(  Sadness.

So, I kick myself all day.  I get home from church, hang up laundry, fold clothes, put a load in the dryer, a load in the washer and finally sit down to work on the blog and what do I see in my inbox?  An email from CVS!  I am on the CVS Consumer Advisory Board or Panel or something.  They wanted me to do a survey and if I didn't qualify I would get $2 ECB however if I did qualify and I completed the survey then I would receive $5 ECB!  :-)  Woohoo!  I qualified and now I am the proud owner of $5 ECB.  Now I can go BACK to CVS, find a $5 NEUTRAGENA product, preferably something with a coupon attached, maybe use my $5 ECB and get a $5 ECB back to use at a later date.  How fun is that?!?

Standing on His promises, Mrs. Bubba

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