Thursday, May 27, 2010

Question From A Reader

After I posted my trip to Publix I was asked a great question:  "Publix takes Rite Aid coupons?"

The answer is "It depends."  :-)  Not the answer you were looking for was it?  I will clarify.

In my opinion, Publix has one of the best coupon policies out there.  Not only do they accept manufacturer coupons and their own coupons but they accept competitor coupons as well.  Down here in Middle Georgia there are 3 Publix stores in a 20 mile radius.  On the north side of town there is a Target and a Rite Aid so the Publix closest to both of those stores accepts Rite Aid and Target coupons because they are competitors.  There is a Publix on the south side of town and they do not accept Target or Rite Aid coupons.  My cousin lives in north Macon and her closest Publix no longer accepts Rite Aid coupons and my only explanation is there must be a Publix store closer to the Rite Aid in Macon.  Each Publix store management has leeway in determining who is and who is not their competitor.  If you have a Publix close to a Food Lion or Harveys then you may use their store coupons at that Publix.  If your Publix is close to a Whole Foods then you can probably use their store coupons at the closest Publix.  So, as you can see, each Publix will have their own list of competitors.  If you do not know who your Publix considers to be a competitor, then ask!  The cashiers, customer service desk, and management will be happy to tell you.  The staff at my Publix is, for the most part, very helpful and friendly!

Standing on His Promises, Mrs. Bubba

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  1. I can't remember if I told you or not, but the Perry Publix stopped taking coupons from drugstores....only Kroger coupons now. They said that the drugstores have a higher profit margin and can afford to have $5 off $25 coupons. Anyway, thought I would share should anyone ask about that one. They used to be awesome about coupons and it is just getting worse. Looks like I need to start shopping on Russell.~Baby Sam's Mama


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