Friday, May 7, 2010

Busy Day

Today I left the house at 9am and really didn't come back until about 2:45 pm.  I have been EVERYWHERE, at least it seems like it.  This morning I went to the Dept. of Health with Bubba so he could, *sniff*, get his shots, *sniff*, for when he goes to the Ukraine, *tear*, without me, *boohooing*.  I am going to miss my sweet man when he's on the other side of the world!  I will miss him terribly but I am still so excited that he's going.  I didn't think he would ever go anywhere, ever, other than around the Southeast or Colorado or Utah for skiing.  Seriously, that is how much of a home-body he is.  Really.

Anyway, after his shots I went to Kroger, CVS, then took my sweet Bubba lunch, then another CVS just to peek, then RiteAid, Belks, Lamb's Well, Target, Art By U, and finally Flowers Bakery!  Whew!!!

I still can't show you the items I made at Art By U but I can say that in spite of being painted by the artistically challenged Mrs. Bubba they turned out great!  Monday I will be able to post pictures.  Yeah!

The trip to Belks was to return an item I bought during the Charity Days Sale.  It didn't fit exactly right.  I am sad about it though because it was a beautifully colorful shirt.

The Lamb's Well is a local Christian bookstore that carries ALL KINDS of stuff.  I picked up Mother's Day cards and a gift for the MIL (mother-in-law).  I could spend hours in there trying to look at everything.  They have a decent collection of Tervis Tumblers which we adore (I HATE cups that sweat).  The Lamb's Well is on Margie Drive across from the Warner Robins Mall.

Standing on His promises,
Mrs. Bubba

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