Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kingsford Charcoal

My Bubba is a charcoal grilling man.  We gave our gas grill away many years ago, picked up a small camping Weber charcoal grill and haven't looked back.  The only drawback that I have noticed about using a charcoal grill is if I needed/wanted to grill's not going to happen.  I would jump out there on a gas or electric grill and whip up something though.  Anyway, there just aren't that many ways to get a good deal on charcoal.  :-)  Until this week.  Here's what I am going to do at Kroger:

1 bag Kingsford Charcoal $7.99 each (I haven't verified this yet)
-$2 off Kingsford charcoal
Meat $2 worth
-$2 off meat WYB Kingsford Charcoal
KC Masterpiece BBQ (unknown price)
-$unknown price for BBQ WYB Kingsford Charcoal
Hidden Valley Ranch (unknown price)
-$unknown price for Ranch WYB Kingsford Charcoal
Glad product (I will probably get freezer or garbage bags) (unknown price)
-$unknown price for Glad product WYB Kingsford Charcoal

Are you sufficiently confused yet?  Here it is in plain English:  I will buy 1 bag of charcoal for $5.99 and get $2 worth of meat free, 1 bottle of BBQ sauce free, 1 bottle Ranch free, and 1 Glad product free.  How about that?!?  Has anyone tried this yet?  Did they run into problems?  I will be doing this deal tomorrow unless someone tells me it won't work.

Standing on His promises,
Mrs. Bubba

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  1. Oh let us know if it works please..But where did you get the coupons from for this if I can ask? I am so not smart when it comes to couponing but Im trying to learn!


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