Sunday, May 23, 2010

Starbucks Caramel Coffee

This is the bag of coffee that Starbucks and All You Magazine sent me to try out.  I was presented with a choice of flavors and chose the caramel. They infused caramel into the ground coffee.  You can tell there is a little bit of difference when you go to scoop the coffee into your coffee maker.  It is a little bit shiney and it is kind of sticky but neither posed a problem.  I just noticed the difference in texture when I opened the bag so I thought I would share.  I couldn't stand it and had to brew a cup the day I got it.  :-)

Here's the deal:  I don't drink coffee black.  Ever.  For any reason.  I did take a sip of this coffee before adding creamer and sugar to it and it was BITTER.  So, if you like your coffee black then this review is not for you.  I smelled the grounds before putting them in the coffee maker and could just make out a hint of caramel in the aroma.  Once it was brewed I still only smelled a hint of the caramel and when I tasted it before adding any creamer or sugar, I couldn't taste the caramel at all.  Once I added Nestle CoffeeMate Original liquid creamer and enough sugar to take the bitter edge off, I was in coffee heaven!  I absolutely, positively enjoyed both ways I made the coffee.  At first, I tried it hot/warm just the way I typically drink coffee and it was wonderful.  I could taste the caramel in that wonderful cup of java.  It smelled like I had just walked into Starbucks!  The flavor is full and rich, just what you would expect from Starbucks coffee.  The addition of the caramel might make you think "sickeningly sweet" but it was far from that.  It had just enough caramel in it to flavor the coffee but not enough to overwhelm it to the point where it tastes like a cup of caramel instead of coffee.

Next, I poured a little of it over ice to taste it that way.  I have noticed that some coffees do not taste as wonderful once they have been poured over ice and wondered if that would happen with this one.  I was thrilled with the flavor even over ice!  I think that I enjoyed it more as iced coffee than I did hot/warm.  That may have to do with the fact that it was 80+ degrees down here in Middle Georgia or I just like caramel coffee over ice.

Here's another disclaimer:  when I drink regular coffee I use Nestle CoffeMate Vanilla Caramel liquid creamer.  So, I already enjoy caramel flavoring in coffee.

So, the question is:  would I recommend Starbucks Natural Fusion Caramel flavored coffee that can be brewed at home?  The answer is emphatically YES.  It was delicious!  If you have an opportunity to give this coffee a try then I recommend that you do.

Standing on His Promises, Mrs. Bubba

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