Monday, May 10, 2010

Fraudulent Doritos Coupon

I have received about six emails with an attachment with a coupon for a free bag of Doritos. If you have received it too....please DO NOT use it!! It is a fake coupon. Using coupons like this gives us honest coupons a bad name. I have been responding to the emails and letting people know this it is fake, but I figured it was worth a post. Here is a good article about it as well as other frauds at The Frugal Find.

There are fraudulent coupons that are sent around like this all the time and if you ever see a coupon for a free item, a long expiration date, and it is PDF, well....those are the signs! You may ask yourself, well, if they take it, then it is ok, right? No, it sure isn't. One, you know it is fake and two, using fraudulent coupons just hurts the rest of us. Is it really worth saving $3.50 on a bag of processed junk food to be scrutinized each time you use one? Not to mention the retailers or Frito Lay is stuck with the loss and Frito Lay has probably spend thousands of dollars communicating to their retailers not to use the coupon. This is basically like shoplifting and will only make our prices go up even more than they already are.

About half of my coupons are printables and every once in a while I get the feeling the cashier things I am doing something wrong. I take the time to educate him or her, making sure they are aware of the savings out there and that on almost every Internet coupon there is a special serial number. Most printables have a limit of 2 from each computer, so people won't abuse the system.

Please be honest when using coupons!!

~Baby Sam's Mama

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