Monday, May 3, 2010

End/Begining of Month Coupon Maintanence

It's the beginning of a new month so it's time to clean up those coupons.  There were a TON that expired at the end of April.  Go through your coupon inserts from the past months and throw out the ones the expired April 30 and even 5/2 or 5/3.  If you have been writing the date on the front cover of the insert and filing it away then some of your inserts will look like piece meal when you get rid of the expired coupons.  I would get and envelope for each insert and cut out the remaining coupons.  Write the title of the insert and the date on the outside of the envelope then file it right back where you had it.  That way you can still look them up by the coupon "code" (ie:  RP 5/2 or SS 4/17).

I don't organize my coupons that way.  Since I use the binder method then I just flip through the pages, pull out, and trash the expired coupons.  At month end the binder method is easier but it is definitely more work the rest of the time.  However, it works for me because I need to SEE the coupons.

The other order of business is to visit all the coupon printing sites and print the coupons you THINK you will use.  Head over to,,'t forget (I found a Q for $2 off Merona women's pants, skirts, shorts, etc.).  Check out CVS too, sometimes they have good coupons.  Then cut them out and organize them however you do!

Standing on His promises,
Mrs. Bubba

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