Monday, May 17, 2010

Discounted Photography Class

I get daily updates from a company called Groupon.   Groupon goes around major metropolitan areas to get businesses to offer discounts to their email subscribers, like me, but the deal is good only if _____ number of people sign up and pay for the deal.  So you only get charged IF the deal reaches the agreed upon number of sales.  Once you purchase a deal you have 1 year to use it.  It's a coupon for a group of customers!

For example, I just bought a 90 minute point and shoot photography class.  The class is offered in Atlanta and you bring your own camera.  The class is normally $75 but Groupon struck a deal with the photographer to offer it for $37.  That is 51% off the normal price!  To me this deal is great because I will bring my own camera and she will help me learn how to use the functions that I would never use because I don't know what they do.  The class size is 15 students and it starts at 10:30 am on the days she doesn't have a photo shoot.  The agreed upon number that HAD to sell in order for this deal to be good was 100 and it surpassed that at 8:30 am.  I get my photography class and a trip to Atlanta!  I am hoping to pick up some photography pointers for our trip to Israel.

Head over HERE to find out more.

Standing on His Promises, Mrs. Bubba

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