Friday, May 28, 2010

Free Lodging This Weekend

To all of my coupon-ing friends out there, you will be proud of us this weekend.  We have searched high and low for a place to go this weekend.  We just need a place to sleep and chill out with no cell phones and no real distractions.  Upward Baseball/Softball season is over and we need to catch up on our sleep and spend a little un-distracted quality time together.  Since it's Memorial Day Weekend, everywhere we looked was booked solid or only had the most expensive rooms available.  So, I called my Dad.  :-)  He and his family (he remarried and she has kids) are headed out of town to an archery contest of some sort so the house....and the pool (woohoo) will be empty for the weekend!!!  The house is centrally located between Athens (my FAVORITE town in all the world) and Madison (one of my top 10 favorite towns).  We were married at a wonderful, beautiful church in Madison so going back always brings fond memories.

Anywho, we will have free lodging for the weekend and only have to pay for food and gas.  Not a bad way to travel if you ask me.  Thanks Dad for letting us stay while you and the family are away!  :-)

Standing on His Promises, Mrs. Bubba

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