Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An Example

Here is an example of what I was talking about in the earlier post:

I love when the Pg inserts have the $1/1 Satin Care coupons. It's funny too, just the other day, my husband told me enough shaving cream. He said he only uses like one every two months. Um, hello? What about me, and my mom and all the other people I give "gifts" to? Shave gel doesn't go bad and it is something I will always use. So I am not listening to him on.

Good thing too cause I am heading over to Target to get more shave gel for free. Target has Satin Care in the trial section for $.97. My store adjusts the coupons no problem. There are no size restrictions on the coupon.

The post above is from Drug Store Divas.  In our PG Insert there was NOT a $1/1 coupon, we received a $.55/1 coupon for Satin Care Shave Gel.  So, even if our Target has the trial size for $.97 each we do not get the same deal because we don't have the same coupon.  Personally, $.47 each sounds like a normal price for a trial size shave gel.  :-)

The value and expiration date of coupons vary from newspaper region to region.  The AJC has higher value, longer expiration dates, and MORE coupons than the Macon Telegraph.  If you are willing to pay then you can have the AJC mailed to you here in Middle Georgia or you can do what I do and wait for a family member who lives in that area to mail the coupons to you.  Thankfully my Grandmother lives in the AJC delivery area and does not use coupons.  She is more than happy to set them aside each Sunday and mail them to me every couple of weeks.  I am so grateful she is willing to do that too!

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