Thursday, February 18, 2010

WOW-Over 200 posts to go through

Like I said in an earlier post, I was out of town for part of Wednesday and most of today.  I knew I would have a lot of posts to go through from the blogs I follow but I wasn't prepared for 200+.  That is what I just did.  I am way too tired to try and re-post most of them here so go look on the right hand side and you will see all the posts that I linked to this blog.  I hope I chose a wide enough variety so there is something for everyone.

I do have a question:  where do you grocery shop?  I ask this question so that when my favorite bloggers post the store specials and corresponding coupons I can re-post them here for you.  I shop at Kroger and Publix.  So, in order for me to better serve you I need to know what grocery stores you have available to you.  Not everyone lives in Warner Robins or Macon or Perry.  Some of you live in Cochran, Rochelle, Hawkinsville.  I have no idea what stores there are out there in your area.  If you leave a comment and let me know where you shop then I will pull those lists and post them here for you!

Thank you, all of you!  I am so excited that someone besides myself and my sister read this blog.  :-)  You guys are awesome.  If this blog grows big enough then I will be able to have giveaways and contests.  How much fun would that be?  So, if you think about it, tell your friends about us.  The more readers we have the more "weight" we will have when we approach someone about donating something for us to give away.  Good night!

Mrs. Bubba

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