Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Israel Savings Update

Well, I started this blog with the intention to keep all posted on how we are doing as we save for our trip to Israel.  We are at around 36% of our goal.  According to the spread sheet we will have enough saved up by the time we step foot on the plane.  We need a small miracle so that we will have enough saved up to meet the final financial deadline...of which we have no idea when it is.  Since the initial meeting we haven't heard a word about the trip.  Sometimes things just don't work out and people forget to spread the word that they fell through.  OR I am just impatient and want to know more information right now but the folks planning the trip need a little more time to pull everything together!  :-)

Did I mention that Bubba is going to the Ukraine on a mission trip?  Boy, it's quite the year for travel!  He is headed to Las Vegas for a week (for business).  Then in July he heads to the Ukraine and finally our trip to Israel in October!  It's too bad we won't get credit for the miles.  I mailed several support letters for Bubba today and cannot wait to see how God provides for this trip.  We have already had some special friends tell us that they will be supporting Bubba.  When I told him about it, he just shook his head because he was speechless.

Israel, Ukraine, and the Covenant Care cheesecakes are just tangible ways to see God working in our lives.  He is forever faithful, even in something as "silly" as a cheesecake!

Praising His Name,
Mrs. Bubba

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