Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Simple Request

Hello all!  Have I told you how excited I am that anyone is reading this blog?!?   Well, I am very excited.  Due to that excitement there is something I would like to talk to you about.  I would absolutely be overjoyed to take this blog to the next level.  Now, I'm not looking to have a readership of 1000+ folks (although I definitely wouldn't complain) but I do need some help from each of you.

Here is what I would like to do:  as people find out about this blog and then some of them return once a week or once every couple of days or every day it creates traffic data.  As that traffic data increases then I can use it to approach companies in the Middle Georgia area and request deals for my readers or some sort of freebie that I can give away.  It is my that someone other than my sister-Sunshine- and my coupon buddy-Baby Sam's Mama- is reading this to be able to have a give away!  I have already researched a website that would allow me to randomly choose a winner with absolutely no bias on my part and I'm chomping at the bit to do it!  Don't you want to win something?!?

Here is what I'm asking you to do:
1)  Will you go to my actual blog and follow it?  Or follow my blog through Networked Blogs on Facebook?  (Eventually I will set up a fan page on Facebook so that I can stop popping updates on my personal page...but seriously I didn't expect anyone to read this.)
2)  Will you send out a link and tell your Middle Georgia friends about me?  Here's the link:
3)  Comments.  I think I have 2 comments on my actual blog.  Honestly, I would adore hearing from you!  Did you find a deal I didn't hear about?  I'll post it and give you credit (no last names, promise).  Were you able to cash in on a deal that I did post about?  I want to hear about it.  Did you have a terrible or a great experience at a local grocery store?  I want to hear about it.  Have you never thought about couponing but this site got you excited and now you are using a few each time you grocery shop?  I want to hear about it!  Wouldn't it be great if we could have a running tally of how much the readers have saved because of coupons?!?  Of course, I don't have the technical expertise to do something like that but if you comment on here about how much you are saving then we could come back for encouragement whenever we got off-track.

Ahhh, it's time to head back to one of the greatest churches on earth.  I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.  Your comments and readership will hold Bubba and I accountable this year as we save towards Israel and attempt our goal of $35 a week for groceries.  I need to know you are out there in order to hold to that accountability. 

All of you are wonderful and I look forward to hearing from you!

Mrs. Bubba

PS-If you are reading this on Facebook but not going directly to the blog, you may not be getting ALL the savings. Don't forget to check out the blog directly.

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