Thursday, February 11, 2010

Name Brands

When I first started couponing my friend told me, "Do not be brand specific."  She was right but we all have those couple of things that we just love to have that are made by one particular company and no one else makes it that way.  So, one of the things that I will not give up is my Dove Ultimate Deodorant!  Coupons are not prolific for that particular product so when I have to I will settle for regular Dove Deodorant.

I am thrilled to say that there is a $2/1 coupon HERE for Dove Ultimate!  Each computer can only print 2 so if you are a friend of mine and do not use Dove Ultimate, will you print me a couple?  If you do and remember to give them to me, tell me what coupon you are looking for and I will do my best to get a couple for you.

Thanks so much!

Mrs. Bubba

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