Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where do I get coupons?-Part 2

There are many, many, many places to get coupons.  Some of which I am just now learning about even after months of trial and error at this whole couponing thing.  If you missed Part 1 of this then go HERE.  Part 1 is where I would start.

For those who are keeping up or have been reading for awhile then this post is for you.  There are websites devoted to printable coupons:


With these websites there are a few things to remember:

1)  You may print 2 coupons PER computer (do not make copies as this is fraud)
2)  If you try other zip codes besides the one where you live there might be different coupons
3)  Before you print a coupon make sure it doesn't say "Only valid in...." (ie: there is a Borden's Milk coupon if you use a Texas zip code but it is only valid IN Texas!)
4)  There are a limited number of prints per coupon...this means that the manufacturer decided to allow 150,000 of one particular coupon to be printed and once they are gone, they are gone
5)  Don't print every single coupon available.  Only print the ones you either KNOW or think you will use.  Leave the rest for other people.  For example:  I don't print diaper or baby food coupons unless a friend of mine needs a few extra.
6)  Use the buddy system!  Do you have babies and your neighbor had dogs?  Then print the dog treat coupons for your neighbor and ask them to print the diaper coupons.

Other places you can find coupons:

The cardboard displays in the grocery stores.  There are usually little pads with coupons on them stuck to the display somewhere.  Remember our rule about leaving coupons for other people!  The rule of thumb is to take 4 unless you have a 6+ member family that you are feeding.

From manufacturer websites.  Del Monte puts coupons for their products on their website!  Most of the time you must register to access the coupons.  This is why I have a separate email account just for those kind of situations.  I don't want all the manufacturer newsletters clogging up my personal inbox so that I can't see if you sent me a message or not.

Send the manufacturer an email and include your mailing address.  Not every single time but many times the manufacturer will send you a thank you letter and some coupons.  Today I used a "Get 1 Free" Dove Ultimate Deodorant coupon simply because I sent them an email telling them how much I like their product!  I got a letter in the mail and some coupons with it including that golden coupon for one free deodorant.

Ebay.  Yes, I said it.  Ebay.  If you see that I posted a great deal on something and it included a coupon that you don't have, search Ebay for it.  Are you trying to beef up your coupon collection quickly instead of slow and steady?  Look on Ebay and type in "Coupons" in the search engine.  Word of warning:  Do not buy coupons that have been printed on their printer!!!  Nine times out of ten they are committing coupon fraud.  The more coupon fraud there is out there then the less likely stores will continue to take coupons!

Coupon clipping sites.  The only one that I am aware of is The Coupon Clippers.  There are others similar to this one out there.  At this site you can search for a particular coupon or product, order as many coupons as you need and have them mailed to you.  I just did this to see how it worked.  I got them in the mail in a matter of a few days.  Try to plan ahead as the coupons may not come in time to cash in on some deals.

Well, I will leave you with all of that information.  I've got to go through the blog updates so that I can share any new deals with all of you!

Mrs. Bubba

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