Friday, February 19, 2010

More Freebies

Have you heard of SwagBucks yet?  I hadn't either until about a month or so ago.  Go HERE to sign up.  Okay, here is what I understand about SwagBucks:

1)  You get "money" called SwagBucks for searching the internet
2)  You can earn more "money" called SwagBucks when you find and enter a SwagCode
3)  You go to the SwagStore to spend your SwagBucks on REAL things!

I downloaded the toolbar so that every time I do a search I am searching through the SwagBucks' search engine which randomly awards SwagBucks to your account.  I saved up 45 SwagBucks and then went to the SwagStore and purchased a $5 Amazon Gift Card (it is electronic).  The next time I purchase something off I will use my electronic $5 Gift Card!  Or I can save up my gift cards to purchase a large ticket item (I have my eye on the new Nikon CoolPix P100).  Other bloggers save up their Amazon Gift Cards to pay for Christmas so that's an idea too.

So, HERE'S the link again.  Go, sign up!  There are other things besides Amazon Gift Cards available.  Check it out.

Once again, I tested it out myself to see if it is a legitimate program before presenting it to you.  I hope you enjoy!

In His grip,
Mrs. Bubba

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