Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Keep Your Receipts!

There are lots of things I wish I had done differently but one of them is:  I wish I had kept my receipts...especially now.  Is anyone asking why?  I'll be happy to tell you: REBATES.  Not only do I shop with coupons and scour the internet for the best deals on things I buy every week but I watch my favorite blogs for rebate deals as well.  I have already, this year, received $30 in rebates and have around $100 more submitted.
One of my favorite rebates was for a case of paper.  With all the coupons and rebate forms I print out saving money on paper and ink is a blessing.  Office Depot had a deal running with discounts and a $25 rebate that made an entire case of paper around $10!  That is a sweet deal.  My other favorite is actually running again right now.  Buy $50 worth of ProX Olay products and submit for a $20 rebate.  Have you priced ProX products?  The run around $45 each or the "starter kit" for over $60.   Now, I haven't reached the age where wrinkles are appearing...yet but if there is something out there that will help me keep that "age" at bay then I'm all for it but not at $45 a bottle!  So, I found them at Kroger (this was last year) for about $35 a bottle, bought 2, used 2 $10 off coupons, and submitted for the $20 rebate.  That made each bottle about $15.  Now, for wrinkle prevention that is a good price in my book.  :-)
All of this to say, save those receipts, especially in the days ahead.  P&G has a rebate going right now that if you buy $50 worth of products they will send you a coupon book with $100 worth of coupons on PG products.  The great thing is that it can be multiple receipts and the deal is before coupons!  Go HERE and check it out.  Always, always, always read the rebate thoroughly for yourself.

Mrs. Bubba

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