Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This Week-Slow Posting

Hello Readers.  I would like to take a minute to explain if it seems I am not on the ball this week with posting deals.  Other than the normal twists and turns of life there are 2 major happenings going on in the lives of our friends and the crazy thing is they are on opposite sides of the spectrum.

About a week ago, a marvelous woman I know had brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.  She is now home and her husband needs to go back to work.  So, several ladies in the church are rotating with each other and sitting with her.  I had the privilege to sit with her yesterday afternoon and will do so again sometime Friday.  If she sleeps then I am able to do a little work on the blog but if she is awake and alert then we need to work on her speech therapy.  By the way, she is doing wonderful!

The second thing going on is friends of ours are preparing to send their husband/dad to Bagdad for a year.  He leaves Monday, March 1.  We are doing all we can to be supportive but give them space.  Don't you just love the men and women who protect and serve this great Country of ours?!?  The sacrifices they make with their personal lives to keep us safe on our own soil is unbelievable.  So, Monday we will say "See you soon" to another Airman.  I thank God for things like Google Video Chat and Skype and Vonage so that these families can not only talk to each other but see one another.  I hope you are keeping our military and their families in their prayers, whether you agree with what they are doing, they are doing it for you!

So, this is why posts are infrequent and irregular.  I hope to have things running smoothly again in a couple of weeks.  I appreciate your understanding and patience!

Leaning on Him,
Mrs. Bubba

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