Sunday, February 21, 2010

A New Feature

If you look under the title "Mrs. Bubba Saves" and above the most recent post you will see three words:
Home, About Me, and Coupons.  If you click on About Me then you will read a little of my story.  If you click on the Coupons tab then you will see a couple of sites where I go to print out coupons.  The links will take you straight to the websites.

Anyone out there know how I could put a "Saved Year To Date" gadget or widget on my blog?  I think it would be fun to have a running total of how much we have saved up for our Israel trip.  In a few days I will be posting the new numbers for both the Israel trip and February's groceries!  I hope you will share with me how much you saved this month too.

Mrs. Bubba

PS-If you are reading this on Facebook but not going directly to the blog, you may not be getting ALL the savings. Don't forget to check out the blog directly.

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