Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Publix Trip: Shelf Cost $52.65 Paid $11.88

A friend of mine said that she would like to know what I buy when I go to the grocery store.  I may not be able to do this every time but I have the time right now.  Remember, our Publix doubles coupons $.50 or less and you can stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon.  So here is what I bought:

12 cans Pillsbury Crescent Rolls 8 count  Shelf Cost $20
Coupons:  2 $.40/2 (man Qs), 4 $.50/2 (man Qs), 4 $1/3(store Qs)
This makes 4 of them about $.94 each and the rest are $.83 or $.84 each

1 large bottle of Coffemate Original Creamer  Shelf Cost $1.10
Coupon:  $.50/1
Makes this $.10
(I only had 1 coupon and I have quite a bit of creamer in the freezer already!)

2 bottles Crisco EVOO  Shelf Cost $6.39
Coupons:  2 $1/1
This makes them $2.20 each

2 boxes of Muellers Whole Wheat Spaghetti  Shelf Cost $1.29
Coupon:  $1/2
Makes this $.15 each

2 bags Fisher Fusion Snack Mix (nut or trail mix)  Shelf Cost $3.00
Coupons: 2 $1/1
Makes them $.50 each

I also had a $5 off of $30 purchase coupon.  If you factor in the prices before the Publix BOGO deals and coupons then it comes to $52.65.  I paid $11.88.

I obviously didn’t go to Publix to pick up dinner for the next week but I did get a few items for my freezer.  Bubba discovered that he really likes crescent rolls about 2 months ago so when there is a great deal on them, I’ll snag a few.  Most of the time I buy them at Kroger when I can get them for $.50 a can but those only have 4 (it’s the small can).  The cans I bought tonight have 6-8 in them so I didn’t mind spending a little more.  This may be more than others are willing to pay for them but Bubba never asks for anything so when he mentions he really likes something I kind of go overboard.  The good news is that they freeze so a few cans will go in the freezer.  The coffee creamer is for my man as well and how can you beat $.10 for a large bottle of Coffemate Coffee Creamer?!?  Whole wheat spaghetti noodles are a staple in our home and $.15 for a regular sized box is nothing to sneeze at.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil…another staple and I was all out!  The Fisher Fusion Snack Mix?  For fun or charity.  That is the beauty of finding things for $1 or less (preferably $.50 or less), it gives you the ability to be generous and giving or take an extra bag of snacks to that get together you are going to.  The food pantry probably doesn’t get things like that fancy trail mix so to someone who is in a rough spot and needs the assistance of a food pantry, that would be a refreshing blessing to go along with the necessities!  “Where saving meets giving!”

Mrs. Bubba

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